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In this current health care environment there is an epidemic of nutritional insufficiency, nutrient deficiency and toxicity in many individuals. It is a gradual unnoticed nutritional breakdown only evident when the person gets chronically ill. 
Lets consider you for instance. You may suffer from a chronic condition such as gut issues, food allergies, autoimmunity, a thyroid imbalance, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, or weight challenges etc. You may lack vitality, vigor, motivation and mental acuity due to poor food choices, too busy lifestyles, lack of self-care and improper diet and lack of sound nutritional education. Sound familiar? If so......

want to change all that for you!

Your body's DNA blueprint is uniquely different than any other person here on planet earth.

There is ONLY one you!

Your physicality, physiology and psychology are different in every way, shape and form from your neighbor, coworker, friend and even family member.

That is the whole reason why it is important to be able to treat the person not the disease. To be able to bring your body back to homeostasis not only physically but emotionally, mentally and energetically. 
Bring you home to your whole true self again.

Eating Healthy, by consuming foods that are naturally delicious and desirable to your palate, and finally desiring all those healthy vegetables that you didn't like as kid will get your body back to op


Just a bit curious about how Functional medicine and nutrition can help you with your health imbalances? Before diving in, if you would like to get to know me a little better then I urge you to book a 15-minute no-charge discovery session.  What's important is making sure we are a perfect fit, trusting me as your certified practitioner and most importantly one that you can connect with.

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~New Clients Initial Consultation~

  A comprehensive 90 minute functional medicine intake of your health history, thorough discussion of your timeline from birth to present, family history, your current health concerns and delving deep into discovering the underlying root cause of your health issues not only physically but emotionally and energetically. Your current supplements and diet history will be closely evaluated.
  45 minute Report of Findings one week after the consult: It will include your recommended personalized detailed protocol for supplements, diet adjustment and lifestyle tailored to your particular condition.
  1 week personalized meal plan( includes easy recipes,shopping lists and nutrition analysis) 
  Relevant handouts, educational and support materials to enhance your healing. 
  Functional Labs recommendations (price of labs not included)

~The Healthy Delving Deeper 3 Month Program~

  3 hours of one-on-one time spent with me (one hour each month) discussing diet, exercise, supplement adjustments and results!!!
  Functional Lab work will be analyzed, discussed and recommendations will be given.
  6 sessions 30 minute Energetic Healing Work Basic
  4 weeks personalized meal plans(includes easy recipes,shopping lists and nutrition analysis)
  Relevant handouts, and support materials to enhance your healing.
  A healing journal workbook delving deeper, bringing issues to the surface.
  5% discount on professional grade supplements via our online dispensary.

With a program length of 3 months, there will be a total of 3 hours of one-on-one time spent with me as your experienced health care practitioner. The first few weeks will include a close working relationship with me as your individualized analysis is properly conducted. This analysis includes a personal assessment of lifestyle and dietary aspects, health-related history, and a formatted approach to all your current symptoms. A waiting period will follow your initial consultation, while there will be lab tests to process, then evaluated and then recommendations formatted to achieve your health goals.

How the Program Works:

Any and all health requirements are taken into consideration upon beginning this program and with support from our professionals accessible to you at all times, there will be no needed stress on your side of things.
The first step of the program includes an intake of every factor of your life, beginning with your health records, diet, lifestyle, existing blood work and medical tests, and a drug and supplement assessment, and ends with a comprehensive symptom analysis.

The second step of the program includes an analysis and testing using Functional Medicine as the basis. Once we have your initial assessment, any further testings that we believe are needed will be recommended to you. This may include, but is not limited to, tests such as personal genetic testing, cardiovascular and metabolic screening, or an estrogen metabolite analysis. Please note that this step is not necessary and not recommended to every client, but will be based on the results of the first step.

~The Healing Plunge 6 to 9 Month Program

  6 hours of one-on-one time spent with me (one hour each month) discussing diet, exercise, supplement adjustments and results!!!
  12 sessions 30 minute Delving Deep Energetic Healing Work
  4 weeks personalized meal plans (includes easy recipes, shopping lists and nutrition analysis)Relevant handouts, and support materials to enhance your healing
  Yoga postures and breathing techniques for clearing out emotional goo and grime.
  A healing journal workbook plunging deeper, clearing the issues on a deep level.
  10% discount on professional grade supplements via our online dispensary.

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