How to Get Fish Oil from Food Sources

Fish oil is a type of supplement that provides you with the necessary omega-3 fatty acids your body needs. When you look up healthy diets, you probably come across omega-3s and how important they are. These help to provide energy, reduce the risk of heart disease, and are good for overall health. If you would prefer getting your omega-3 fatty acids from food instead of a supplement, keep reading.

Benefits of Fish Oil

First, it helps to know all the reasons why you want to have more fish oil in your diet. Fish oil is not only an important nutrient thanks to omega-3 fatty acids, but is also considered a superfood. As you know, superfoods contain a higher-than-normal amount of nutrients, so you know they are super good for you. Here are some reasons you should have more fish oil in your diet:

  • It reduces the risk of heart disease

  • You get help with osteoporosis and bone loss

  • You can reduce side effects from auto immune diseases

  • Your diabetes risk is lowered

  • It helps with mental health, including anxiety and depression

Fatty, Oily Fish Sources

Naturally, the main way to get more fish oil into your diet is through the actual fish sources. While most seafood and fish is good for you, to actually get your omega-3 fatty acids, you want the oily, fatty fish. This includes canned tuna and wild-caught tuna, mackerel, and salmon. You can eat this type of fish either for lunch or dinner with rice and veggies, in a salad, or even for breakfast on some whole grain toast. There are many ways to incorporate more fish into your diet.


There are also some vegetables that contain omega-3 fatty acids, if you are not a fan of fish or if you follow a vegetarian or plant-based diet. This primarily includes mixed greens, particularly with your dark leafy green vegetables. Try to eat more spinach and kale, as it is more nutrient-dense and will give you a good amount of nutrients that you need. You can also try soy beans, soybean oil, and tofu to get fish oil.

Nuts and Seeds

Another way to get more fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids is by using flaxseeds or flaxseed oil. These seeds are nutrient-rich and all you need is about 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds a day. This is nearly half of the amount of omega-3s you need in a day. Add the flaxseeds to cereal or a smoothie. As far as nuts go, you can get these important nutrients from walnuts. 

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